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Giving the Skills to Succeed—and the Confidence

I highly recommend Linda Scharf to tutor any child. For the past year, she has been my daughter’s tutor and she has not only given her the skills to succeed, but also the confidence. My daughter had struggled with school work for the last five years, and in less than a year she went from a kindergarten level to a grade 3 level, all thanks to Linda.

Linda has a wonderful personality. Her ability to connect with her students and her talent at teaching key learning concepts are truly superior. She accomplishes these tasks with great initiative and with a positive attitude. She is extremely organized, reliable and is able to multi-task to ensure that each of her students benefit from her teaching skills.

I recommend Linda to you without reservation.

~Elaine H.

An Excellent Resource

I am writing this letter of reference in support of Linda Scharf’s tutoring services. I first became aware of Linda’s tutoring while in my previous position as a school counselor in Cold Lake, Alberta. While looking for a skilled tutor for students, Linda’s name always came up as an excellent resource. Because of her outstanding reputation in our community, I was never hesitant to suggest her to parents looking for tutoring services… my husband also used her tutoring to upgrade his math for a career change in the Canadian Armed Forces, finishing top in his class for SARTECH (Search and Rescue)  as a result.

~Erin P., M.Ed., Psychotherapist

Linda Has a Gift

To understand the capability of Linda I would like to give a brief explanation of my experience working with my son. Reading is an extremely difficult area for him, so he has been very resistant to do work in school and especially any extra work after school. Getting him to sit down after school and continue reading and writing took more energy in that short time than it took for the rest of my day. This was very hard work for me. It felt impossible.
Linda has a gift. She has been able to get Tim to do the work, process and improve, even through his resistance. She earned his respect and friendship in the time she has taught my son and has successfully helped him improve his reading and writing abilities…

~Kathy P.

Fortunate to Have Linda

My daughter, Alicia, has had the good fortune of having Linda tutor her several times over the past 6 years to help with some learning ‘hurdles’.

We have been extremely pleased with Alicia’s progress each time we’ve enlisted Linda’s help. Alicia has reached Grade level and beyond each time, and best of all, she adores Linda and is always pleased to go back. She has become a much more confident person as a result of Linda’s skill and dedication as an educator…

~Karen N.

Can’t Thank Linda Enough

I started my son, Wyatt with Northern Lights Learning Center in May of 2005. He was reading at a Kindergarten level and he was just about to finish Grade 2 in school. I can’t thank Linda enough for what she did for my son. The tutoring didn’t just help him academically; it helped him have way confidence in life…

~Marcy R.

Effective Tutor for Reading

Linda has effectively tutored our grandson Brandon for two years for reading. When we became legal guardians of Brandon in 2009 he was 12 years old with ADHD and reading at a kindergarten level. He is currently 14 years old and through creative tutoring from Linda he is now reading at the grade 7 level and has become a cooperative student.

Our 8-year-old grandson Eric has also been tutored by Linda for reading during the past 10 months and has developed in his reading skills from kindergarten to the grade 3 level…

~Susan and Brian G.

Recommended with Confidence

It is with confidence that I recommend to you Linda Scharf. For three years, my two sons were students of Northern Lights Learning Center and benefitted greatly from Mrs. Scharf’s tutelage. My children became students at the Northern Lights Learning Center to improve their reading skills. Within a few months, they were reading above their grade level. At that point in time, Mrs. Scharf began working at developing their math skills. They have made significant gains in their ability to process and organize information…

~Marianne A.

Very Impressed

I was highly recommended to Linda 7 years ago to tutor one of my children who was having trouble with reading. He was in grade 8 reading at a grade 2 level. She brought him up to and past his current grade 9 level in two years. I was very impressed with her and decided to send my other 2 children to her for help.

She has done everything she can for them including buying new material for high school to teach my last child who had some extreme issues with speech, reading and understanding. I believe that without her, my children would have been left far behind in their reading and school work…

~Susan S.

Reassuring to See Daughter Gain Confidence

When moving to Canada, four year ago, our children couldn’t speak English, and our daughter (4 1/2 years old) had to catch up on enough knowledge of this second language in one year, to carry her through grade 1 and the remainder of her school years…I was very concerned about the situation and by the end of her grade 2 year, I had her evaluated by Mrs. Scharf….We signed her up for tutoring and after a year’s time, it is reassuring to see how my daughter gained her self-confidence again by moving up to the above-average group in the class…

~Andoret B.

An Investment in Our Son’s Future

I was very impressed with Linda right from the start. I felt that she was very sincere in wanting to help my son be successful in his reading. And that she has a true love for all children…Less than 2 weeks into the program with Linda, we began to see some very positive changes in our son…He has so much more confidence now, it’s great. We have been very pleased with his progress not only academically but also how he has grown as a person. We have looked at this as an investment to our son’s future…

~Cathy and Willy D.

Words Cannot Express Our Gratitude

Linda, words cannot express the deep hearted gratitude we have for you and the work that you do. I think David said it best, when he went from four years ago, not wanting anyone to know he was seeing a tutor, to this past weekend at his Graduation ceremony when he publicly stated, “and especially admires Mrs. Linda Scharf who opened up a whole world of possibilities for him”. Often people will ask me about tutoring. They question the validity or necessity of it and the cost. My answer “Linda Scharf of the Northern Lights Learning Center is the best thing that ever happened to David. On the surface tutoring may initially seem expensive but overall it is worth every penny and a significantly tiny price to pay for the future of my son I highly recommend it…

~Joanne and David H.

Excellent Attitude, Agreeable Expectation

We have been very pleased with our children’s overall progress, in particular their reading abilities and mathematics. Our daughter aged 8 was initially placed into French immersion for the first 2 years and started English last September—her progress has been excellent and her English reading, vocabulary and comprehension in school are now above grade level. Similarly, our youngest son is reading above grade level whilst our eldest is achieving 95% in most mathematic tests.

Mrs. Scharf has an excellent attitude to teaching and a most agreeable expectation of children’s behaviour—our ‘challenging’ children have certainly benefited from Mrs. Scharf’s structured and disciplined approach to education…

~Gareth and Kim R.

Linda Has Done a Great Job

My daughter Alex went to Linda with a grade 3 reading level and after only 1 year was at or near at a grade 10 level where she should be. Linda has done a great job in helping and teaching Alex the great benefits of enjoying a good book. I myself was very impressed with the skills and commitment Linda gives to her students. If you are thinking of having Linda tutor your child I am certain you would not be disappointed…

~John S.

Going to Mrs. Scharf’s is a Treat

Justin was never very interested in homework or school but going to Mrs. Scharf’s was more like a treat; she has the ability to hold his interest and keep him focused. He has become much more confident; all his classes have improved tremendously.

I have recommended her to many of my friends and relatives all of whom have been very pleased with the results. I hope you have the opportunity to benefit from her vast knowledge as we have. Linda has the ability to make a reader out of a non-reader…

~Sharon M.

Helped Transform My Daughter

I would like to thank Mrs. Scharf for all the wonderful work she has done with my daughter. She has taken a shy, withdrawn young girl who had a lack of confidence in herself and her school work and helped her transform into an outgoing, confident, happy young girl who is not afraid to bring her ideas forward in class…

~Valerie B.

Phenomenal Educational Resource

I am pleased to write this reference for Mrs. Linda Scharf.

Linda is a phenomenal educational resource for your child. She will enhance your child’s ability to learn and instil him or her with a new-found confidence in themselves. She takes a genuine interest in your child and teaches them in ways that they can comprehend and in a way that suits their learning style…

~Teresa D.

An Exceptional Talent

I am pleased to write this letter of reference for Linda Scharf. In my position as Special Education Coordinator at Assumption School, I have referred several students to Linda for remedial tutoring…

The students that worked with Linda experienced remarkable progress. They all advanced several grade levels with the work they did with her and their school marks improved as well. They gained tremendous confidence from the successful tutoring they received…

Linda has done incredible work with some of our at-risk students. The tutoring they received from her kept them in school and enrolled in academic classes. Her ability to motivate these students to want to succeed is an exceptional talent…

~Caro R., Special Education Administrator, Assumption Junior/Senior High School

Motivates Students to Succeed

Linda worked as a professional tutor in Cold Lake and we referred several students to work with her. She was able to help students improve their reading comprehension and reading fluency skills. She was also able to give students confidence in their academic abilities and helped them overcome barriers to learning.

Linda worked with several students that experienced significant academic stress and frustration. She was able to motivate these students to succeed and helped them find success at school…

~Caro R., Special Education Administrator, Assumption Junior/Senior High School

High Level of Professionalism and Dedication

It gives me great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Linda Scharf. Over the past 6 years I have referred many parents to Linda for her tutoring services. During this time, I have observed Linda demonstrate a high level of professionalism and dedication to the welfare of children and she always finds space in her classes for students who need academic support immediately.

Linda has the ability and confidence to work effectively with students of all abilities—including those with behavioral difficulties. This is done in a positive, nurturing, student-centered environment where all students are held to high expectations…

~Jason W., Principal, Nelson Heights Middle School

Warm and Understanding

Many parents are interested in having their child tutored and I have referred Linda to many of them. Some of my former students have been tutored by her and are doing very well as a result of her teaching, warmth and understanding for children. A few students from our school are attending Northern Lights Learning Center and are producing significant results…

~Kathy, Principal, Cold Lake Elementary School

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