Our Approach

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Our unique approach is guaranteed to be effective, as proven by the many satisfied parents and students who have passed through our doors!

Words Cannot Express Our Gratitude. Linda, words cannot express the deep hearted gratitude we have for you and the work that you do. I think David said it best, when he went from four years ago, not wanting anyone to know he was seeing a tutor, to this past weekend at his Graduation ceremony when he publicly stated, “and especially admires Mrs. Linda Scharf who opened up a whole world of possibilities for him”. Often people will ask me about tutoring. They question the validity or necessity of it and the cost. My answer “Linda Scharf of the Northern Lights Learning Center is the best thing that ever happened to David. On the surface tutoring may initially seem expensive but overall it is worth every penny and a significantly tiny price to pay for the future of my son I highly recommend it…

~Joanne and David H.

Our steps to success


We assess your child using both formal and informal testing methods in order to determine the exact concepts and strands they are lacking in order to establish their Independent, Instructional and Frustration levels.


Using these test results, we implement an individual educational program (IEP/IPP) in order to tackle all of the missed stands and concepts at their instructional level.


Each of the missed concepts and strands are taught according to their IEP/IPP,  following Curriculum Standards and in order, to bring them back up to grade level and beyond. By tutoring this way, the student is able to master the missed concepts and strands, thus providing the much needed support for the new academic material.
Tutoring Approach Abbotsford

Our passion is seeing students grow in both confidence and understanding

Certified and experienced, we utilize both formal and informal testing methods at Northern Lights Learning Center, along with personalized tutor programming and a multi-sensory approach that keeps the student as the primary focus and assists in raising both marks and confidence.

Northern Lights Learning Center has been the tutor service provider for outside government agencies, such as Social Services, Indian Affairs, the Canadian Government, the British Government, and, most recently, the BC Autism funding unit.

Let's partner together to achieve your academic goals